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We provide comprehensive design engineering solutions that are personalised to your unique project requirements

Our purpose is to inspire engineering excellence through sustainable positive relationships with all our stakeholders. We aspire to maintain and develop a positive working environment for all Engineers who are eager to showcase their skills and knowledge in the heavy rail industry.

We are harnessing the expertise and experience of our team to create engineering solutions that contribute to a better future for the built environment. 

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We value all our team members equally because we believe every individual makes a unique positive contribution to our team. 

To achieve our purpose we have defined five core values that influence the way we collaborate with all our stakeholders:



As Engineers, we are committed to finding solutions for a greener future

We are aware that, as Engineers, we need to adapt to the climate emergency which has become a threat to our environment. Therefore, we assess and develop our design solutions to comply with the latest requirements concerning sustainability in the rail industry.

Our results in the sustainable engineering sector, particularly in carbon reduction reflect our objective of providing the most environmentally friendly design solutions for our partners.

A number of our employees have been recognised for their work in creating and implementing a Capital Carbon Assessment Tool, being named ICE Carbon Champions by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

A diverse and collaborative workforce is key to innovation and identifying creative solutions to technical problems.

At FJD Consulting, we foster a diverse and inclusive environment in which our team feels empowered to authentically express themselves.

In line with that, we have signed the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter proposed by the Railway Industry Association and Women in Rail. Learn more about the EDI Charter.

We believe the only way our business can thrive is by creating a company culture in which employees are guided, celebrated, and given opportunities to grow.


We feel responsible to educate and create opportunities for the new generation of engineers


We are proud to support the STEM Ambassador Programme, which offers young people the opportunity to meet and be mentored by STEM professionals in classrooms and communities.

We are invested in creating a life-changing impact in the development of young people who want to pursue a career in Engineering. We are regularly getting involved in career events organised by schools, colleges and universities to raise awareness about Engineering careers and our work at FJD Consulting.

We are dedicated to developing and nurturing new talent through apprenticeships, placement year and graduate schemes. Currently, our team includes two students enrolled on a Level 4 Apprenticeship Scheme, two placement students enrolled on a Masters Degree Course, and three Graduate Engineers.

We thrive on challenges, and we actively seek cutting edge technology that can take our projects to the next level

There is no question that the rapid changes in the digital landscape will not stop or slow down anytime soon. We strongly believe AR and VR tools will become the new norm in our industry, so we are invested in researching and implementing new digital engineering tools in our projects.

We have begun incorporating AR and VR in our work for a better design visualisation of various projects. Being able to virtually see how certain designs would perform in real-life scenarios increases our flexibility and ability to tailor designs to various contributing factors.

Detailed animations of sequences have been developed to demonstrate how innovative products can be adopted by projects to derive savings in cost and time.  

Examples include RapidRoot concrete-free foundations for railway infrastructure and Top-Hat Boss ferrules for bridge engineering. We have provided technical support to Taziker to develop their solution for the UK rail sector and undertook a design for a Network Rail footbridge strengthening project in Wales, using the innovation. This eliminated temporary works design and reduced the cost of the scheme.



Drawing on the diverse experience of our team, we collaborate to deliver complex schemes 

Together, we create comprehensive solutions for our clients by accessing the wide pool of expertise of our divisions which excel in different engineering disciplines such as Civils, Structural, MET, and Geotechnical.


We work as a team to deliver value within projects that require expertise across a broad spectrum of engineering capabilities. This allows us to offer a responsive service and nurture lasting relationships with our clients.

We take pride in our goal-oriented approach, which has helped us earn the recognition of industry bodies. 

In 2022, FJD Consulting were crowned 'Small-Medium Enterprise of the Year' at the Engineering Talent Awards. In addition to that, we were shortlisted in the Top Employer of the Year Award (under 250 employees) category within the Women in Rail Awards.


Following successful recognition in 2016 and 2017 in the NCE100, FJD Consulting were crowned the inaugural Trending20 Champion in the 2018 NCE100 awards, recognised as being the Top SME engineering consultancy in the UK Civil Engineering Industry. The following year we were shortlisted in the 2019 Innovative Operator category in the NCE100 Awards. 

We strongly believe that competing with ourselves is the best way to succeed, therefore we enjoy finding and pursuing new opportunities in our industry to push our limits and grow.


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